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3D Chain
EK ThreeD (3D) Premium motorcycle chain is Elegant, Strong, Detailed and Magnificent. It offers the ultimate shape with flexibility and strength. EK Chain set out to produce a premium chain that was as beautiful as it is strong. An impressive outer plate shape that offers a curved form to reduce weight and increase appeal is connected together with inner plates and pins that feature lightening holes to further reduce mass. QX2 X-Rings have a better wear-resistance and performance than standard QX-Rings by 30% resulting in a chain that puts 1% more power to the rear tire.

  • Ultimate plate shape

  • 3D-designed with a beautiful curved form is an evolutionary shape

  • Astonishing transmission efficiency

  • Smooth and powerful acceleration

  • Nothing but our 3D design makes it possible to have an elegant form and everlasting beautiful light reflection

  • Applying brand-new revolutionary process of manufacturing

  • Far better than standard chains in every aspect such as fatigue strength, product quality and light weight

  • Aiming for no initial stretch

  • Slim design with minimum weight

  • Produced by our exclusive technology to strengthen a chain without making it heavy.

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