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Make Every Day Legendary!

We are your source for the best in apparel, products, and services for all of your motorcycle needs.

We take pride in providing top notch customer service, so please contact us if you have any questions about bikes, products, or services.

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What We Do

At Legendary Cycles, we know how important it is for your ride to be as unique as you are. From customizing your bike to your own personal style, to going on rides and just hanging out, motorcycles aren't just a hobby - they're a lifestyle! 
Founded by Al Talpins, an avid motorcycle rider with over 25 years of riding and mechanical experience, Legendary Cycles was born out of his desire to engineer the highest quality motorcycle parts, create and design awesome eye-catching apparel.

In addition to the custom parts and apparel, for our local customers, we also offer service and repair service on all makes and models of motorcycles and ATV's, as well as full customization, and access to thousands of parts and accessories. We love hearing from our customers, so call us if you have any questions about bikes, parts, or products!

Here are just a few of the familiar faces behind-the-scenes at Legendary Cycles

Al Talpins, Owner

Al is the owner and day-to-day operations manager at Legendary Cycles. He is always working on new products, creative apparel, and serving the local customers at the shop. He spends his weekends going on rides with his wife, Sharon, and whoever else wants to join in. During the week, you can always find him at the shop working with customers, designing the next custom build, or wrenching on bikes. He is always happy to talk to customers about anything and everything, so don't hesitate to give a call, send and email, or stop by any of the local shows to say hi.


Rich Mutch, Master Technician/Shop Manager

Since he was young, Rich has enjoyed working on motorcycles, ATV's, go carts, and anything with an engine. He is an expert in Harley Davidsons, street bikes, and ATV's, and is an avid rider and performance guru. He has over 40 years experience in the custom motorcycle businessand can repair or build just about anything.



Sharon Talpins, Marketing & eCommerce
Sharon is the one behind-the-scenes making sure the website is always up and running and updating inventory, products, and new releases. She loves the motorcycle culture and industry and always comes along on rides, and helps out at our local shows and events.
Alex Davis, Photography & Marketing

Whether we are launching a new product or on the road, Alex is always ready with his camera! He also attends events to help market the business. Alex eats, sleeps, and breathes riding - when everyone else is ready to call it a day, he is just getting started!
Jason Forest, Graphic Designer
Jason is one of our graphic designers.  Whether it's designing a logo, or coming up with new apparel designs, Jason brings a wealth of creativity and talent.